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PCD Scraper Diamond Tool For Various Coating Removal Of Concrete: Slide-On Style

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PCD Scraper diamond tool is generally applied to various coating removal such as epoxy, urethane, polyurethane, polyaspartic, acrylic, glue residue, thin-set, paints, elastic coatings, flake flooring, etc. 

We carry two kinds of PCD depends on applications:

1) Our 2+2 (or 2+1) PCD tool is featured 2 full round PCD (which differs from 1/4PCD on the market) plus 2 or 1 diamond scrapers in 16# grit, which instantly smooth the deeper scratches left by PCD so as to grind floor easily afterwards. This kind of PCD is best for thick coatings removal.

When you decide which PCD you need, please make sure the thickness of your target coatings to be removed.

  • PCD Size: Two full round 
  • Two directions CW & CCW (*for many planetary grinders, usually one rotation) 
  • Applied for various concrete floor coating removal 
  • Lock-in style can fit on kinds of grinding machines such as Lavina, Ironhorse, plates take 3 big hole (8-9mm) and versatile magnetic plates