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Slide-On Style: 16/20 Grit Single Segment Diamond Grinding Shoes

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Metal Bond Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoes 16/20 Grit

Grit 16# (diamond particles usually range between 16/20#) diamond grinding shoes are usually the first step of metal bond grinding for removing old rough surfaces. Thanks to the greater diamonds that give you deep cut and powerful removal, you can quickly open the floors and expose the new substrate of concrete, so that you can easily step to the floor prep and resurfacing.

this grit is also good for thinner coating removal such as glue, acrylic, epoxy, and so on.

Our diamonds are strictly screened and mixed with metallic powders to reach the best grinding effect.

Single segment is good for light grinding machines

  • Segment Configuration: Single Segment
  • Grit: 16/20#
  • Options Of Bond: Hard, Medium, Soft 
  • Suggested Applications: Concrete Floors with Soft, Medium and Hard hardness
  • Grinding Machines: Lavina, Ironhorse ASL or plates with 3 studs can fit in 3 big holes (9mm in diameter) of trapezoid disc, and grinders with magnetic plates