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Premium Diamond Tools and Equipment for Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo Floor Prep and Countertops Reshaping

Grinding, Polishing, Coating Removal and Maintenance


ceramic, hybrid/transitional, resin polishing pad/puck to remove scratches/swirls, polish concrete, marble, terrazzo, masonry surfaces to high-gloss

Polished Floor

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Edges, Corners Processing Tools

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ceramic, metal, pcd diamond for concrete, masonry, terrazzo, marble, granite grinding, coating removal. 4", 4.5", 5", 7", arbor 5/8"-11 thread, 7/8-5/8" hole on hand grinder: markita, metabo, dewalt, milwaukee
concrete floor prep by using metal bond diamond segmented discs: trapezoid diamond shoes, 3" metal diamond pucks with hard, medium, soft bonds, all grits for grinders: sase, diamatic, husqvarna, htc, lavina, sti/prepmaster, terrco, Chinese ironhorse

Concrete Floor Resurfacing

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Bush Hammered Surface

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bush hammer to pulverize concrete interiorly and exteriorly to quickly expose aggregates and substrate. Mount on Lavina, Sase, Diamatic, Husqvarna grinders

PCD For Coating Removal

Removing Various Stubborn Coating-Covered Surfaces

Our PCD Scrapers Are Powerful And Durable

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