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Bush Hammer For Quickly Pulverizing Stubborn Coatings Of Concrete
bush hammer roller for concrete on sase/lavina
Bush Hammer on Lavina to pulverize concrete
bush hammer on L avina grinder for concrete
bush hammer: pulverizing concrete for Husqvarna
bush hammer: pulverizing concrete for Husqvarna
Bush hammer plates with 3 roller for concrete

Bush Hammer For Quickly Pulverizing Stubborn Coatings Of Concrete

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Bush Hammer is applied to pulverize old surfaces interiorly and exteriorly. 

Interiorly, bush hammer can aggressively open thick and gluey coating, such as elastic epoxy, carpet glues, asphalt, etc. and overlay covered surfaces  It, of coarse, is good for removing other coatings, like ceramic thin-set, sanded grout, and so on. The application can ideally expose aggregates and leave even and textured new substrate,  

Exteriorly, bush hammer creates even textured anti-slip surfaces.

The application can assist you on quickly and evenly exposing aggregates.

We supply bush hammer rollers, rollers with holders and roller with plates for different kinds of grinders.

Some small tips of use:

Do not recommend to put too much pressure while operation, extra pressure may cause the rollers to stop running.

Do not recommend to operation with speed too high, ideally in between 700-900RPM.

Water feeding is recommended.

*Plate plus holder set is special order, the leadtime is app. one month. Please details what you want, for what machine and quantity, we will prepare for you upon receipt the down payment of 50% of the invoice amount.