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Ceramic Cup Wheel For 'Transition' From Metal To Regular Resin

The video presents how 30 grit ceramic cup wheel opens the new pour concrete surface to initially expose aggregates, and didn't leave deep scratches by comparison as metal bonded grinding wheels. 

Depends on the condition of the surface, to properly choose how coarse of grits to start with, and followed by finer and finer grits to make it ideally smooth. 

ceramic cup wheel 5 inch 30 grit

Ceramic Cup wheel, The feature or function of this tool is similar to Hybrid Resin Puck which are used on pushing machines to play 'transition' role, but more aggressive. It is used to transit from metal grinding to resin polishing, can effectively erase the seen swirls left by metal, so as to be easy to connect 50, 100, 200 or even 400 grit regular resin for polishing.

The distinctive features of this tool are:

  • This cup wheel is flexible in usages, can be used on handheld angle grinders for both floor and wall. 
  • Play 'Transitional' role between metal and regular polishing pads/pucks
  • different grits, aggressive but not same aggressiveness as metal