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Coating Removal Tool-Diamond PCD


Many projects require to scrape off old coating surface to expose new concrete substrate. It’s important to adopt the right tools which can significantly save your money and operational time.

But coating materials vary, experienced contractors know what tools can help you effectively work out a solution.

There are several kinds of tools may be used, here we introduce PCD scraper which is the most powerful and successful tool being used by almost all contractors.

PCD-Polycrystalline Diamond, is made from fused multiple superior diamond particles under very high pressure, temperature conditions. By comparison as ordinary synthetic diamond, PCD characterizes much more extreme hardness, wear-resistance and thermal conductivity. PCD tool yields extraordinary power and reliable durability, is the very ideal tool for many applications, especially removing thick and stubborn stock such as rubberized thick coating membrane covered on concrete surfaces.

Coatings may be classified into four types, including synergistic coatings (chemical/petroleum/organic stains, acid stains, dyes, densifiers, curing agents, admixtures), topical coatings (sealers, paint, epoxy, polyaspartics, urethanes, elastomeric/waterproof membranes, waxes), caps (polymer modified cements, overlays, trowel down epoxies) and coverings (tile thinset, carpet glue).

There are different tools used to remove coatings such as diamond PCD, carbide bush hammer wheels, carbide tipped scarifying wheels, etc. Among those, diamond PCD tools (like trapezoid metal bond PCD, round metal bond PCD) are the mostly accepted and used on either walk-behind grinders or handheld angle grinders (like PCD cup wheels). 

Before using PCD tools, recommend you to consider following factors:

  • Determine what type of coating is

Due to properties of coating materials, after years, the presence of coatings vary, some are brittle, some are gummy, some are tough, some are hard. And coating of some highly built-up floors may have several layers, each layer has different property.  

  • How thick the coating to be removed

The evaluation of the thickness of coating tells you what tools are proper to be used. When work on the thickly covered coating, you should consider to use more heavy-duty PCD tools to remove; reversely, thin coating will need other diamond tooling such as Split PCD.  

  • Check the floor conditions

circle out all hidden metals such as nails, metals, because any of there may cause the PCD bits kicking out; in the meantime, concrete floors are usually undulated, and some substrate may be cracked where may cause PCD bits clogged in and easily damage PCD bits under pressure of running grinding machine.

  • Well control the operational speed of grinder

To reach better result, we suggest to set up the grinder’s speed under 4, the properly lower speed results in better scraping effect.