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Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete floor grinding industry becomes more and more competitive. Knowledge and experience of using the right diamond grinding tools appear to be very important. And careless application of diamond tools must result in extra work and bad outcomes.

Before starting, the following factors should be determined:

  • Condition of the target floor

You need to check the hardness of the concrete carefully. In many cases, the condition of different areas of the same project may vary due to many factors: aging, frequency of traffic, tendency of weathering and some areas might have been re-poured or patched.

  • Choose the right diamonds

Diamond grinding shoes are made of metal disc and diamond segments. Diamond segments are composed with diamond particles and metallic powders under high temperature and high pressure. So diamond particles set in the metallic matrix. Depending on the applications, the segments are reciped in different bonds and different diamond grits.

While it works on grinders, the matrix interacts with concrete dust produced which simultaneously wear down the matrix so that new diamonds exposed at the same time which cut the floor effectively.

So the appropriate bond and grits of diamond grinding shoes can help you finish the job satisfactorily.

The common examples of wrong choices of diamonds are:

  • The diamonds do not cut-often due to heat-up and glazed-up, such as on very hard floors;
  • The diamonds cut but wear-out too fast due to abrasive floors that eat diamonds quickly;

The ‘rule of thumb’ of choices of diamonds generally is:

Hard floor-soft diamond bond

Soft floor-hard diamond bond

  • Control reasonably operational speed of grinder

Some people expect to chase the high production rate and intend to finish the job quick, so dial the speed of grinder too high, but the unnecessary increase of the speed will quickly build extra heat up on diamond segments, the action may glaze over the diamonds and prevent them from cut ideally and properly.

  • Purchase of cheap diamonds

It’s common sense to save every cost. But solely chasing the lowest prices will definitely result in more money spent and more time involved in work and bad finish of project all due to the low quality of diamonds. So the good quality of tools and appropriate prices paid should be considered.