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Hybrid Resin Polishing Puck 50 Grit For Transition

When do you use Hybrid Polishing Pads?

When users desire the floor finishes to be honed or shiny, you need to either polishing it to reach the effects. Floor conditions vary, usually required to use metal bond diamond tools to profile the old surface in order to well prepare for polishing step. Metal tools deliver aggressively grinding so as to quickly expose new surface. But metal tools will inevitably leave obvious scratches no matter how fine to grit you use such as 150 grit. To effectively remove scratching marks, transitional tools should be applied.

Hybrid resin pucks are one of the best options. The characteristics of Hybrid is the ingredient which is besides diamond crystals, it also mixes metal and resin in the matrix so as that the application is it can not only effectively remove scratches left by metal but also smooth the surface perfectly. 

We introduce three steps of hybrid pad: 50, 100 & 200 grit, the applications are depended on the floor conditions and requirements. Usually after applied some step of the grit, you can continue with the next grit of regular resin pad if polish. densifying floor before further polishing

The picture also shows this actual project: medium hard floor, after hybrid resin, spread densifier to densify it so as for further polishing work to be effective and easy.