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Resin Pucks/Pads For Polishing Concrete And Natural Stone Floors

Resin Tools used on Polishing Concrete and Natural Stone Floors
In modern society, the trend on floor systems change fast. People require their floors to be uplifted to satisfy the aesthetic appreciation.
Polished concrete floor is demanded by more and more business owners and can be seen almost everywhere: retail stores, commercial buildings, hotels, residential floors and garages, etc.  
It’s is very important to know how to achieve a satisfactory polished floor finishes.
The conditions of concrete floor to be polished vary a lot. Before start, you need to know what’s the first step to do. Usually the floor needs to be ground. The doing of grinding is to thoroughly remove the old surface such as sealing, stains, patches, coatings like epoxies and flatten the surface so as to expose new smooth concrete surface to be ready for polishing.
Metal bond diamond grinding tools are necessary tools to be used for grinding the floor surface. After steps of metal grinding, resin diamond polishing pads will be applied for polishing. We provide variety of quality resin pads to help you step-by-step reach the desired shiny effect.
Unutools offers ceramic, hybrid and regular 3” resin polishing pucks and 4” & 5” flexible soft hand-used polishing pads.
Our ceramic series 50,100 grit;
Hybrid: 50, 100, 200 grit
Regular resin: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit.
Other than 3-step polishing pads on the market, our 7-step gives you more detailed and consistently polishing and higher shiny effect.
Prerequisite for achievement of a perfect result of polished concrete could be:
  • The floor should be ground by metal bond diamond tools and make the surface smooth enough.
  • Check targeted surface carefully and do extensive cleaning work to ensure the surface free of dust, remains o paints, stains, adhesive residues and the like.  
  • Do right judgement what resin puck should be initially start with. For example, if there are scratches or swirls left by metal grinding, you may consider either ceramic or hybrid pucks for Transition before applying regular resin.
  • Using polishing machine and mount on resin puck to do step-by-step polishing.
Our 200 girt can well produce honed surface; 400 grit delivers better shiny effect (other than the same grit of many other vendors); then depends on how much gloss required, you can use higher grits to attain.
The advantages of our resin polishing pads are:
  • No extra scratches
  • No color prints
  • Quick shine
  • Durability