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3 Square Segment Trapzoid Diamond Grinding Shoes: Screw-On 30/40 Grit

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Uniquely designed 3 big square-segment on trapezoid disc diamond grinding shoes are good for undulated surfaces and when you need moderate and even grinding on floors. It doesn't gouge the floors as double segment does. 

30/40 grit is for concrete floor coarser preparation, it makes aggressive scratches.

Depends on the condition of floors, we provide three bonds and three grits for hard, medium and soft concrete, and initial, moderate and finer grind of surfaces

*hard, medium, soft, extra soft printed on the discs stand for bonds of the segments. please choose the right discs for the concrete

  • Segment Configuration: Tri-Square Segment
  • Grit Options: 16/20, 30/40, 60/80#
  • Bond Options: Hard, Medium, Soft 
  • Suggested Applications: Soft, Medium and Hard concrete floors
  • Grinding Machines: Machine can fit this style like Sase, Innovatech/Bartell, Klindex and universal magnetic plates