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terrco quick-change diamond disc 120 medium
terrco quick-change diamond disc 120 hard
terrco quick-change diamond disc 120 soft
terrco quick-change diamond disc 120 grit
3" terrco diamond grinding puck 120/150 grit medium for concrete

3" Segmented Diamond Grinding Discs 120/150 Grit on Terrco For Concrete Prep

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Metal Bond 3" Diamond Grinding Pucks 120/150 Grit

We also carry ADAPTER to switch TERRCO 3" puck to trapezoid, Click Here for the appropriate Adapter or Contact Us for technical support.

This style fits on Terrco grinding machines with quick-change plates. 

10 segments are for long-lasting and even floor preparation.

Followed by coarse, medium diamond grits such as 16/20, 30/40 & 60/80, 120/150 grit (diamond particles normally range between 120/150 grit) diamond grinding disc is the last step of metal for the finest grinding. 

After this step, it's easier for further applications like polishing, resurfacing, etc. 

*hard, medium, soft, extra soft printed on the discs stand for bonds of the segments. please choose the right discs for the concrete

  • Segment Configuration: 10 Segment
  • Bonds: Hard, Medium, Soft
  • Grit: 120/150
  • Suggested Applications: Concrete Floor with Soft, Medium and Hard Hardness.
  • Grinding Machines: Terrco Grinders and plates with proper adapters