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htc ez change diamond 120 soft bond
htc ez change diamond 120 extra soft bond
htc ez change diamond 120 hard bond
htc ez change diamond 120 medium bond

HTC EZ Change Diamond Discs 120/150 Grit Double Segment For Concrete

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Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Discs 120/150 Grit

This style fits on HTC EZ change plates with two wings to slide on. 

For some grits/bonds, you may need to use our MAGNETIC ADAPTER in order to use all bonds/grits of Lavina diamonds, Click Here for the appropriate Adapter or Contact Us for technical support.

120/150 grit is for further smooth the ground concrete surfaces so as to remove minor scratches or swirls left by coarser grinding process.

Our fine diamonds are strictly screened and mixed with metallic powders to reach finest and smoothest floor grinding effect.

Bonds: hard, medium, soft, extra soft 

Grinders: HTC with EZ change plates