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Lock-In Style: 16/20 Grit Double Segment Diamond Grinding Shoes

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Metal Bond Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoes 16/20 Grit

The style of disc can fit on any Husqvarna grinding plates with redi lock.

Grit 16/20 are popularly to work out old concrete floors and coating covered surfaces. The feature is quickly and aggressively the open the old surfaces and leave obvious scratch patterns. 

Our diamond segments are made of surperior diamond particles mixed with high quality of metallic powders. The use can reach your ideal effect.

*hard, medium, soft, extra soft printed on the discs stand for bonds of the segments. please choose the right discs for the concrete

  • Segment Configuration: Double Segment
  • Grit: 16/20#
  • Options Of Bond: Hard, Medium, Soft 
  • Grinding Machines: Machine can fit this style like Husqvarna