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husqvarna redi-lock 30 hard diamond grind shoe: Concrete
husqvarna redi-lock 30 medium diamond grind shoe: Concrete
husqvarna redi-lock 30 soft diamond grind shoe: Concrete
husqvarna redi-lock  diamond grind shoe: Concrete

Husqvarna 30/40 Grit Double Bar Diamond Grinding Shoes For Concrete

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Metal Bond Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Shoes 30/40 Grit 

This style fits on Husqvarna Redi-lock grinding disc holders

30/40 grit is a commonly used grit for concrete floor preparation. After this process, you can even scratch patterns so that you can easily do next preparation.

Our diamonds are strictly screened and mixed with metallic powders to reach the best grinding effect.

  • Segment: DoubleBars
  • Grit: 30/40#
  • Bonds: Hard, Medium, Soft 
  • Suggested Applications: Concrete Floors with Soft, Medium and Hard hardness
  • Grinding Machines: Husqvarna Redi-lock grinders