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Lock-In Style: 120/150 Grit Double Segment Diamond Grinding Shoes

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Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Shoes 120/150 Grit

Following coarse, medium diamond grits grinding, 120-150 grit is the last step of metal bond grinding for concrete floors finest preparation.

After applying this step, the floors are smooth enough but still have scratches or swirls visually. Depending on the requirements of the project, People may leave as it or continue for further step such as polishing or applying epoxies or alike.

Our fine diamonds are strictly screened and mixed with metallic powders to reach finest and smoothest floor grinding effect.

*hard, medium, soft, extra soft printed on the discs stand for bonds of the segments. please choose the right discs for the concrete

  • Segment Configuration: Double Button
  • Options Of Bond: Hard, Medium, Soft
  • Grit: 120/150#
  • Suggested Applications: Concrete Floors with Soft, Medium and Hard hardness
  • Grinding Machines: Machine can fit this style like Husqvarna